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Science Standards Revision Update

27 Aug 2015 6:22 AM | Jeremy Peacock (Administrator)

Science Standards Revision Update

- Dr. Jeremy Peacock, President

Stakeholder Survey - The DOE stakeholder survey remains open through September 15th.  Please encourage parents, professionals, community members, and others in your network to complete the stakeholder survey.  We hope stakeholders will agree that our revised science standards should integrate the characteristics and practices of science within science content standards.  Stakeholders can learn more about the revision process and GSTA's recommendations here:  Stakeholders can access the GaDOE survey here:

Preliminary Results of Teacher Survey - At last week's State Board of Education meeting, Dr. Charles Martin presented preliminary results from the teacher survey on Georgia's current science standards.  Dr. Martin is Director of the Center for Program Evaluation and Development at Georgia College and State University and led the survey analysis.  The main takeaway from the more than 9,000 survey responses is that Georgia's science teachers overwhelmingly want revised standards that integrate the practices and characteristics of science with science content.  You can view photos of Dr. Martin's summary slides on GSTA's Twitter feed for August 20th.  Detailed survey results will be provided to the revision working groups for each grade level/course, and those results will drive the revision process.  The number and nature of responses to the survey reflect the great work done by GSTA's board and members to provide feedback and spread the word among our colleagues.

Revision Process Updates - The revision timeline remains unchanged from the one we published here on our Standards Updates Blog.  In line with that timeline, invitations went out this week to science teachers, science education leaders, and higher education faculty who will serve on the Working Committees that will be responsible for drafting the revised standards based on feedback from the teacher survey.  The working committees, which are organized by grade bands for elementary grades and by course for secondary grades, include many GSTA board and regular members.  I am confident that the revised standards drafted by this group will be a high quality product that will support excellent science teaching and meaningful learning for students.  Looking ahead in the revision timeline, the public review period beginning in January will be crucial to the success of the revision process.  It will be critical that GSTA members and other science teachers speak up themselves and encourage people in our networks to speak up in favor of the revisions.

Professional Learning - Along with our active role in the revision process, the GSTA board is also working to position the organization as a key partner in implementation of the revised standards and the professional learning that will support that implementation.  Following last week's state Board of Education meeting, I met with Georgia's new Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Caitlin Dooley.  Dr. Dooley was supportive of GSTA's role in the revision process, and she was enthusiastic about partnering with GSTA to support teachers as we transition to our revised standards.  The GSTA board already has plans in motion to begin providing statewide professional learning focused on the three-dimensional approach that is expected to underlie the revised standards.  Look for more information from your district director in coming weeks.

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