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NASA Commercial - Baby Explorer
Awesome commercial that shows the explorer traits of humans that are evident from the beginning!
NASA Competitions
Want to enter a NASA competition? They have something for everyone...check it out! You never may win a free trip to one of NASA's facilities!
Rube Goldberg Honda Commercial
Awesome 2 minute video of a Rube Goldberg device made entirely of Honda car parts. It took over 606 takes to get this video right! Great physics conversation piece!
Awesome Demonstrations!
Wanna' see some cool science demonstrations? Check this site out for awesome reactions and experiments!
Science Simulators (Virtual)
Great site for simulating physics concepts....some fun stuff here too!
Weightless Flight on YouTube
Here's some raw footage of a weightless flight. Teachers show the effects of 2 G's on a toy teddy bear and perform one-handed vertical push-ups in a lunar gravitational stuff!
American Museum of Science & Energy
Awesome place to visit in Oakridge, TN. Everything you want to know about the atom, nuclear energy...great place!
Friction Simulation
Pretty simple and neat demonstration of a car rolling on different types of surfaces. Also allows for different forces to be applied to the car.
Friction Cannon Game
Really cool and simple game involving physics, geometry and friction. Fun to play....but may become your homework first!
Rube Goldberg Applet
Very busy and cool stuff going on here....everything from Simple Machines to Phases of Matter & Phase Changes! Watch can put you in a trance!
Electricty Web Site
Great place to start a foundation on the understanding of electric applications.
Great site for history of the catapult. .
Great site for designs of various catapults. 
Simple Machines 1

Simple Machines 2

Winter Olympics Science
Cool Winter Olympic videos explaining the science behind many olympic events.

Atoms Family Worksheet 1
Use the link to fill in basic information about the atomic structure.
Atoms Family Worksheet 2
Use this worksheet after completing the first part. Students will identify atom name, atomic number, atomic mass, proton number, neutron number and electron number.
Atom's Family Song (Instrumental)
Use this instrumental tune with the lyrics from the Atoms Family Worksheet 1.
"What is Energy?" Web site
Use this web site when researching Energy
Energy Conversion Web Site
Use this web site when researching energy conversions (e.g. describing energy conversions involved with a person "jumping").
Motion Research with Roller Coasters
Rube Goldberg by OK Go
Music videos and Rube Goldbergs...great combination!
Nanotechnology Applications
Excellent site that shows MANY different applications of nanotechnology (sports, clothing, environment, medicines, food, fuel, etc.).
Future Soldier Applications w/Nanotechnology
Real-world science applications using nanotechnology (really small ~ atomic level) to benefit and protect soldiers. New body armor...think of it as "Halo" in the real world!
Nanotechnology Games
Nanotechnology interactive games, videos, scales, and meet a scientist site.
Rutherford's Experiment
A simulation of Rutherford's gold foil experiment when he discovered the atom's nucleus.
Virtual Waves
Simulate many types of waves (e.g. longitudinal and transverse).
Snowboarding Physics
Videos that demonstrate physics with winter olympic events.

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